About Harley Fire

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About Harley Fire: An Overview

Sex Work

My name is Harley Fire,  and I am an amateur porn creator and domme. I am 27 years old, hail from the UK, and I am bisexual and a non-binary woman. My pronouns are she/her or they/them.

I work in both the vanilla and fetish scenes creating and selling homemade porn clips via ManyVids, Clips4Sale, and AmateurPorn. A small portion of my content is also available on Pornhub. I am a domme with a focus on, but not limited to, financial domination (AKA findom). My kinks include everything to do with orgasm control, such as edging, ruined orgasm, tease and denial, mental chastity and more. I enjoy both maternal and more sadistic pursuits, and practice SSC (safe, sane, consensual) kink. Previously, I worked as a cam model at MyFreeCams, in addition to various other sex work pursuits.


Outside of sex work, I am a somewhat introverted person, and have many years of experience in creative writing. This has ranged from short stories, to novels, to poetry, to songs, to articles/blog posts and more. I also enjoy video games, particularly Animal Crossing and Pokemon. Drag, queer culture, comedy, music and TV are other interests of mine.

Above all, I am foul-mouthed, self-deprecating, deadly sarcastic and strong-minded, but I am also friendly, silly and love a good pun. I am the mother of a beautiful bunny named Eevee.

Mostly I am a weird person who enjoys other weird people, and I hope you are one of them.

About Harley Fire: My Background

Cam modelling

I began my sex work life as a cam model on MyFreeCams (AKA MFC) on March 7th, 2017, at the age of 24. I was hot on the heels of a one year sabbatical due to a particularly difficult phase of my mental illness, and looking for a fresh start following four years as a freelance music journalist. I enjoyed the flexibility and restricted socialisation of camming, and soon I began making clips. At first, this was simply to offer a small selection of keno prizes and offline purchasable content, but over the course of 2017 I created a variety of profile clips and customs.


In August 2017, I launched my foray into the area that had piqued my interest in sex work in the first place: financial domination. Before then, I had only participated in BDSM play with my partner, but I was enthralled by the prospect of dominating others and thus, I entered the fray.

As with any dominant, particularly within findom, my development in this field was slow but steady and I enjoyed honing my skills alongside my first long-term sub, who remains in my care. I intend to further expand my work as a domme going forward by playing with and owning more subs.

Clips & the future

2018 saw me give more attention to clips, and I saw how engaging and rewarding this line of work could be, from standard vanilla to specific and obscure kinks. In September 2018, the cam modelling chapter of my life came to a close, as I opted to cut my losses and focus on areas of sex work where I could progress more effectively - from financial and creative standpoints. During the past year, I have found clip creation to suit me well and I look forward to continuing to produce fun, slutty and entertaining content.

If you are interested in my work, please peruse my gallery, services, links or contact pages for more information.