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"You literally have some of the best tits I’ve seen! Highly recommend if you are a tits guy." (Tit Worship)

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"she is hotttttt !!!!" (GFE Strip Tease & Kitchen Cum)

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"God damn, my throbbing cock could barely handle the sight of harleyfire92 cumming in her deliciously wet panties. Her sexy moaning and whimpering made me throb even harder, geez! If you're into wet panty action, then you'll want to peep this one out for sure. Good video quality and POV angle for optimal viewing/stroking enjoyment." (Cumming Through My Panties)

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"Amazing!! Especially the electric shaver thingy too" (Hairy BBW Shaves)

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"HarleyFire looks very inviting sprawled out completely naked. She masturbates so nicely and enjoys her authentic ORGASM with an "Oh God, I'm goint to cum....followed by a string of cute female noises. Her lovely face is visible the entire time. Well lit and well framed video clearly captures true female pleasure. More like this please." (Clit & G-Spot Cum)

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"Perfect <3" (Messy + Gaining)

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"Harley whimpers so nicely when using her toys. Her quivering orgasms are beautiful to watch and her cute facial expressions reveal her deep pleasure. Great full body shot captures all the erotic action. Well done." (Multi-Toy Cum)

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"Enjoyed this sexy video. Harley is a breathtaking, sexy babe...." (Fat Pizza Slut)

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"Harley's cute face gets red when she cums and yes she does shot out her Lovense. Things just pop out sometimes when Harley is having fun. Love when she has fun!" (Double Lovense, Double Cum)

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"Harley looks great naked and her facial expressions are so cute when she is cumming. Excellent female pleasure shot with tripod steady full body framing which includes her lovely face throughout. More orgasms please." (Bad Dragon Creamy Cum)

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"So hot" (POV Fuck & Close-Up Fingering)

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"The orgasmic action gets hot and heavy as soon as Harley sits in the tub and explores the pulsing sensations that a shower head gives to her clit. Nice!" (Voyeur Shower Edging Cum)

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"Hairy girls are always the best because it shows them off in their natural, raw state and Hairy Harley is definitely a joy to watch. She cums with lovely Harley quakes and the music of orgasmic Harley whimpers. Great full body shot although the middle close-ups are too long and some framing crops out the top of her head a little, but the great full body framing returns at the end for her critical peak moments. Well done." (Hairy BBW Intense Cum)