Sex Work Services: Femdom & Fetish

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Sex Work Services: Femdom & Fetish

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Lifestyle D/s

The most meaningful aspect of my BDSM life is being a lifestyle domme. I currently have one devoted, long-term sub who sets my standards high. My D/s relationships tend to involve a combination of financial serving and femdom, for sexual sessions specific to the sub.

I am extremely selective when it comes to owning subs and it is imperative that we get along well on a vanilla basis too. We must be compatible as friends and at least somewhat in terms of what we seek from the sexual and kink aspects of the arrangement. Honesty and communication are vital in these instances, and these relationships develop gradually as we learn each other and discuss (or push) limits and safe words and explore routes to satisfaction. I require my owned subs to serve me, always. This can mean sending regularly for bills, sending on a whim for luxuries, completing non-financial favours, and just checking in and being a friend. I require the utmost respect from a sub, and in return I will respect and care for and advocate for that person as a human being.

If you wish to be owned by me, please consider what that means. My relationships do not reach the intensity of TPE (total power exchange), but they will need dedication and consistency. Are you a true sub, who wishes to serve as a psychological desire that persists whether you are aroused or not? Or are you a kinkster, someone who gets off on submission but doesn't feel it in their soul? If the latter, you may be more interested in my pay-to-play sessions (below). If you are sure it's the former, then perhaps consider taking the lifestyle route.

There is no surefire way to become a sub of mine, but it does take time. Impatience has no place in BDSM. If you are genuinely interested, you may start by sending tributes. The amount doesn't matter; do what you feel comfortable with based on your personal income. I do not discriminate based on the income of my subs or what they are able to give; just that they do. I much prefer a sub who pays £10 a week without fail to one who drops £300 every 6 months and ghosts me the rest of the time (although both have their place...!).

Your main goal within a lifestyle D/s relationship should be to remove my burdens, make my life easier, and enable me to thrive. The reward is in the satisfaction of that alone, although good subs will also enjoy other rewards at my discretion. My happiness is yours, and you should always remember that.

So tributes to begin, and then you may approach and profess your desire to be owned. Researching who I am as a person and as a domme is incredibly important, and luckily for you the information is all laid out here on this website. Know who I am and tell me why you're interested in me in particular. What makes me stand out to you from other dommes? What is it about me that makes you think we'll be a good fit? All of these things are important in determining whether I should take you on. You will start in a probationary consideration period, with no particular time limit, and my willingness to solidify the arrangement is based on our connection, your honesty and respect, and your reliability. I do not take this area of BDSM lightly.

Findom (& pay-to-play)

I have been active as a findomme for two years, but I was interested in pursuing it for some time before that. It appealed to me partly because of my place in society; a fat, queer woman who has frequently been oppressed and mistreated by men and a system that seeks to cheat women out of their just deserts. In a capitalist society money is the ultimate form of privilege and power, and the transferal of that from men to women (or from subs to dommes) is not only deeply necessary, it is also incredibly hot for me. From the forceful demanding and taking of funds, to the helpless unprompted sending "just because", findom is as much of an arousing outlet for me as it is for the subs who get off on sending.

Currently I am not offering pay-to-play services, whilst I focus on clip-making and other endeavours. I will update this page if anything changes.


At time of writing, the most comprehensive aspect of my personal sex work is clip making and selling. I record at home, mostly in my bedroom, on my iPhone XS. I am a self starter; I film, I write, I design, I perform, I edit, I upload, and I promote. That means that, whilst my skills and standards are constantly improving, my clips will always have a certain DIY approach to them. Amateur clips are always going to feel just that little bit more realistic, just a little bit closer to home for viewers. It could be your girlfriend recording this for you. You might be spying on a neighbour (naughty!). Or maybe you just like retaining that "cam model college student" vibe even in pre-recorded content. Either way, I know so many of you love the amateur ethos, aesthetic and vibe, and you will always get that with me. My videos are all recorded and sold in HD, so you can get even closer to the action.

As for the kind of stuff I make, well, it can vary. In terms of femdom and fetish (for vanilla and mainstream content you can click here), I take a curious and exploratory approach. My biggest kink is orgasm control, and as a domme, I am a fan of tease and denial, edging, ruined orgasms, mental chastity, 'forced' orgasms and more. I dislike physical chastity cages and while understandably a fantasy for some, I find the submission of mental chastity more trying for the sub and ultimately more rewarding.

I take great pleasure in conducting humiliation, whether for physical (eg small penis), or mental (eg you're a loser) attributes, and I revel in demeaning and degrading men. I find power and control to be intensely alluring, and it can be just as satisfying to have men on an emotional hook as it can be to have them handcuffed and tied to the bed while wearing frilly underwear. Of course, I dabble in feminisation as my boyfriend is a crossdressing sub.

Naturally, the mark of any great clip creator or domme is the ability to adapt. I frequently partake in kinks that I do not personally connect with in my clips, such as foot worship, faux incest, pee fetish (this one contains borderline interest), feederism, hairy fetish, smell fetish, and many more. I take great enjoyment in trying new things and taking on different roles, so that even if something doesn't personally hit the spot for me, I can still do my research and put my heart and soul into it. The resulting clips are always fun and passionate, so you can rest assured that it's a good investment.

I like lingerie, cute crop tops and shorts, thigh high socks and stockings and fishnets, and I love playing with glamorous make-up. If I'm not making an au naturel clip, you can guarantee I'm looking ready to walk the runway, or welcome you into my boudoir. I have huge 36J boobs, a chubby belly, a round ass, a juicy pussy, a smooth butthole, strong legs and solid, powerful size 7-8 feet (UK)... if you're into that. I am a true BBW (on the smaller end of that scale, granted), so you're going to see all of that in my clips.

I may have started in vanilla, but my fetish journey is only just beginning. There are so many ways to make a porn; to capture an erotic moment in time. I'm on a journey to discover all of them.


Every so often I'll work on a custom order, and I especially love how it prompts me to take on ideas and scenes that I otherwise would not have thought of or broached. I'm open to lots of things within fetish, whether it personally gets me off or not, but my general rules and hard limits are thus:

  • Nothing against the law, AKA involving minors, animals, drugs, etc. I also do not take part in race play or associated morally questionable fetishes.
  • I will not do anything with blood, and pain on myself starts and ends with hand spanks.
  • I will not swallow cum or cum substitute, or have either on my face or in my hair.
  • I am a domme, and therefore submissive content is off limits for me. Please respect that.
  • My boyfriend is a crossdressing sub with a variety of kinks and thus b/g fetish customs are possible. However, he is not a sex worker himself and doesn't care to film too often, so all b/g requests will incur a $50 fee. In addition, I will not accept b/g custom requests ordered without first consulting me about the content (and timeline) of such an endeavour, since he also has his limits and schedule to consider.
  • I'm open to pee fetish, but other bodily fluids are a no go.
  • I do not use specific names in my customs, ie the name of the buyer. I may use some generic alternatives.
  • I do not do anything in public.
  • G/g is not currently possible but may be in the future.
  • I reserve the right to change my mind about certain elements of a custom request and in these cases the buyer will be contacted and some kind of compromise may be made.

You should expect to wait at least a week to receive your custom from the date of your order, but during busy periods it may be longer. I will keep you updated if there is a delay, and always do my best to deliver sooner rather than later. My custom clips start at $5 per minute, and discretionary fees may be added for certain props, scripts or elaborate set-ups. If you are unsure, please email me via the contact page.

Pics (fetish)

If my photosets currently on sale aren't to taste, it is possible to purchase nudes and fetish pictures from me made to your specifications. You can purchase a custom selection from pre-existing camera roll images for $3 per pic, $20 for 10 or $30 for 20, or you can get made-to-order ones just for you for $5 each, $30 for 10 or $50 for 20. In order to arrange, please email me from my contact page.

For a full list of all my online clip stores and platforms I use, please refer to the links page.